Dec 012015

It has been my privilege to travel widely through the five continents of the world in the course of a very active existence. I have met people from all walks of life, from prostitutes to presidents, saints and sinners. I have witnessed incredible poverty, amazing acts of daily heroism (especially from women). I have studied numerous belief systems, religions, philosophies, met those who were certain they were going to save the world and many doing their best to destroy it.
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Nov 012015

By Guest Blogger Madisyn Taylor, best-selling author, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the popular inspirational Website DailyOM –  A recognized leader in self-help and New Thought spirituality, she has more than 15 years’ experience in personal development and alternative-healing methodologies.

Every day is a blessing, and in each moment there are many things that we can be grateful for. The world opens up to us when we live in a space of gratitude. In essence, gratitude has a snowball effect. When we are appreciative and express that gratitude, the universe glows a bit brighter and showers us with even more blessings.

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Sep 012015

At a recent workshop on meditation given by a former Buddhist monk in the magical setting of a chalet in the Swiss Alps where I run workshops every summer, I was asked how I blessed people in the public transport system, in the street and other public spaces.

I am most grateful for this question and what follows is simply the modest experience of one person among millions who regularly practice blessing. I have no special authority in this matter – just quite a long experience of this simple and rich practice which enables one to sow good universally and anonymously (no ego involved!)

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Aug 012015

Probably no other period in human history has experienced such a rapid and generalized collapse of convictions and beliefs as ours, and in practically all areas: from medicine to religion, from the sciences to spirituality, from nationalism to dietary prescriptions… you name it. In practically all sectors, everything is constantly put into question. This is not easy to put up with, be it for parents or teachers trying to educate young people who, thanks to internet, know more than they do in a variety of fields, or the MD whose patient expresses surprise that he is not aware of such-and-such a new medical technique or therapy.
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Jul 012015

From time to time we will invite guest blogs to this site. We start with Nicolya Christi,  the respected author of some remarkable books on spirituality which have received extremely positive reviews by people like Barbara Marx Hubbard and the founder of the Club of Budapest, Erwin Laszlo, including Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World.

How do we transcend all that has become adapted within ourselves to embody the Authentic Truth of Who We Really Are?

How do we decondition from a lifetime of conditioning and live the beautiful, glorious reality of Who We Truly Are?
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Jun 012015

Pierre Pradervand

In a world that sometimes seems to be coming apart when viewed from a purely outside, material viewpoint, one of the most comforting and hopeful signs in the growing sense of oneness that is experienced by millions and probably tens of millions if not more. This is accompanied by the appearance of more and more non dual teachings in line with great non dual teachers of the last century like Ramana Maharshi (in the East) and Joel Goldsmith (in the West). This movement has been immeasurably accelerated by the development of internet and other forms of instant frontierless communication. And even the great religions, some of which in a recent past were still warring with each other, are getting closer and closer as books like “The Mystical Heart” by Wayne Teasdall or movements like the World Parliament of Religions illustrate.

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May 012015

by Pierre Pradervand

A few years ago, I went through a tsunami that swept absolutely everything from under my feet. Here I was, a respected trainer and writer, in a marriage seen by many as a model, in apparent perfect health (I had never used my health insurance since I contracted it decades ago) and with a very comfortable income.

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Apr 152015

by Pierre Pradervand

I have a very dear French friend, Meena, who went through one of the most powerful experiences of forgiveness I have ever come across.

When she was still in her late teens, she fell head over heels in love with a man just a few years older than her. They got married and had two beautiful, lively and intelligent children. However, the marriage soured and Meena felt she could no longer stay in it. She contacted a lawyer, despite strong opposition from her husband.

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