Feb 012017

I’d like to share with you a few small rituals that I practice and that may really enrich your day and place it on solid ground from the get-go. Some can be used when you awake, others are reminders during the day, and additional ones can be practiced at bedtime.


Before I get up, I practice conscious breathing for 15-20 minutes lying in bed. This is a form of meditation inspired by Swami Prajnandad, one of the teachers of Arnaud Desjardins, a great French spiritual master who passed away a few years ago. The meditation is based on the power of YES, which some have described as THE most powerful word in the human language. As you inhale, you think: “yes to the new” and then on exhaling “Yes to the old which is leaving” (this is a way of welcoming positively EVERYTHING which will happen during the day).

Then, still lying down and totally awake, I say loudly: “What grand and glorious adventure is awaiting me today” and I repeat the Native American saying: “Give thanks for the hidden blessings which are already on their way to you.” Then I get up and, legs apart and arms in V shape, I state firmly and with conviction: “YES, THANK YOU for everything that will happen today.” This affirmation is based on the understanding than we live in an infinitely benevolent universe which desires our good beyond anything that we could possibly imagine. It is very important that these statements be made with utter conviction (and that for some may happen little by little). Continue reading »

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Jan 012017

There is a beautiful and very inspiring website, peerservice.org  which regularly sends deeply inspiring (and only inspiring) messages. You can subscribe to their newsletters from which I took the following message.

Gen. Wesley Clark Jr., middle, and other veterans kneel in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony – Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

It is a declaration that was recently made at Standing Rock, the place in North Dakota where Native American tribes and their supporters from the environmental movement won a major victory over an energy company that wanted to lay a pipeline which would have soiled some sacred lands of theirs. It was an unprecedented victory in the history of the Native American Nations and one that all those concerned with justice hope will be permanent. Continue reading »

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Dec 012016

I hold you gently in the quiet of my thought. The stillness tells me clearly that this crisis in your life, which most call a breakdown, is a listening time.

As you told me when we visited a few weeks ago, the pace of your life had become utterly hectic. You’ve become a great success — from the world’s point of view. The world had crowned you, and its praises were like sweet promises that you’d one day own that realm. Then you suddenly woke up one morning to find you had lost the keys to your own inner kingdom. Continue reading »

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Nov 012016

View from the chalet
Simplicity. That is a lesson the quiet grandeur and humble majesty of the place had been teaching me. Often in the past, I lived for three months without electricity, car, TV, radio, telephone, hot water, a nearby supermarket or any of the ”essentials” of modern urban life. But what light bulb can compare with the warm glow of a candle reflecting on a copper plate? What car can hope to compete with legs on narrow alpine ridges or that special shortcut that leads me through the larch trees to my home? What TV program could ever approach in variety, beauty, depth, and insight the drama of this world about me? It’s not one or two dimensional TV, it’s four dimensional living every waking hour. Jumping naked into the freezing torrent while sweating from a brisk hike is a natural sauna. And a slice of local tomme – a special home-cured cheese – with local dark black bread outdoes for me the splendors of any of the sixteen sorts of blue cheese displayed in a supermarket.  Continue reading »

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Oct 012016

What is called “centering prayer” is in fact a form of meditation or contemplation. It has become known to the public through the writings of people like Father Wayne Tysdale, the untiring promoter of what is called interreligious dialogue between the main religions, Cynthia Bourgeault, author of the most beautiful biography of Jesus I have read (The Wisdom Jesus), Father Thomas Keating, the founder of Contemplative Outreach, and especially Basil Pennington, author of the international best-seller Centering Prayer. Continue reading »

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Sep 012016

During my African years, I once spent an evening on the banks of the Niger River in Segou, Mali. Everything breathed peace and an unhurried pace: the fishermen throwing their nets in the river, the women walking home and joking with one another other, the rhythmic, slow pace of the cows with their huge horns … The very atmosphere exuded gentleness and serenity. It brought to mind the title of the book by American writer Barry Stevens: Don’t Push the River, it Flows by Itself.

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Aug 012016

Only recently have we been discovering the extent to which we are all connected through a network which is infinitely more efficient and far-reaching that the entire world’s social media and all the Facebook pages all put together: namely, an infinite Mind.  One of the fathers of alternative medicine in the USA, who is also one of the great contemporary American thinkers, wrote a book simply called One Mind.  He promotes a notion that is not really new since it was already put forward by an American metaphysician, Mary Baker Eddy, in the mid-19th century – except that the concept was at the time too advanced for many people to grasp. Continue reading »

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Jul 012016

Occasionally one meets in the course of one’s life people who leave a deep imprint on you. Last month I spoke about French spiritual teacher Alyna Rouelle. Today I would like to write about another such teacher I met on … death row Texas !

Roger W. Mc Gowen and I have been corresponding for almost 20 years now and through his books he has become a spiritual guide for hundreds around the world, especially in Europe and the USA. In the spiritual texts section you will find a quite remarkable text of his and there are of course many more in the book I wrote about him, MESSAGES OF LIFE FROM DEATH ROW (only available on Amazon, and in England also from http://cygnus-books.co.uk/).

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Jun 012016

From time to time we have encounters in our lives which will have a lasting impact on us for years, sometimes even for life. At the end of April I had such a contact which I know will influence the rest of my days.

It was a one-day workshop in France with Alyna Rouelle, a woman emanating such spirituality as I have rarely come across in my life – and I have had the privilege of knowing personally some highly spiritual people on several continents. Most of them, though, were in their fifties or sixties. Alyna is merely 25.  However, when she speaks, there is a clarity and a depth in her comments which are the hallmark of an exceptional spiritual vision. For seven hours she simply answered questions and at no time did I perceive a wrong note. The fact that she feeds herself only with light (thousands of people throughout the world live on prana (see the documentary “In the Beginning there was Light” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EsS4aUARhw)  is not what struck me as most remarkable about her; instead it was her sense of the unity of all things.  As far as Alyna is concerned, everything is the Divine expressing Itself, which is actually the essence of all nondualist spiritualties such as Advaita  (the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi being one of its most brilliant teachers in the last century) and some of the Sufi masters such as Rumi or Hafiz and the great American mystic Joel Goldsmith, etc. (In contrast, Christian theology and spirituality are fundamentally dualist with the exception of a few great mystics such as Master Eckhard or Jacob Boehme, Christian Science or Goldsmith)

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May 012016

Many years ago I was attending the board meeting of the largest grass roots peasant-farmer movement in Africa, in Ouhigouya (Burkina-Faso in the Sahel).

The last day of the meeting I contracted dysentery and as at the time I was following a path of pure spiritual healing (no medicine) I worked on it spiritually. On the plane the next day I was still working on the issue with my spiritual texts, affirmations, prayers and the like. Next to me was an unaccompanied young boy, and the stewardess caring for him was incredibly loving. At one moment she spoke to him with such kindness I was suddenly overwhelmed by what I can only describe as a sort of cosmic gratitude which enveloped her and everything.

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