Nov 152017

Reflections for Thanksgiving 2017 by Pierre Pradervand

Pierre Pradervand Thanksgiving reflectionsMore and more, gratitude is being acknowledged as an amazing power for good and healing in many different areas of existence –from medicine and positive psychology to gardening and education.

It is absolutely impossible, I repeat, impossible, to entertain a deep feeling of gratitude and the least trace of negativity. They totally exclude each other just as light annihilates darkness. Have you ever seen a candle of darkness (??!!) extinguish light? But the smallest candle will bring light to the deepest underground cavern.

Such is the power of gratitude to your heart and soul. Continue reading »

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Nov 012017

Even atheists blessNote from Pierre: This site has always stressed not only the interdenominational, but also the inter-religious dimension of blessing. Today, for our November blog, we wish to show that even atheists can practice it.

So many of our misunderstandings in life are related to the use of words and, in the history of the Western world, countless people in the Christian religion were put to death, even tortured, because they gave different meanings to words or concepts.

A very dear Irish friend who is just a storehouse of love and practises blessing very generously shared with me what has become one of my very favourite blessing stories. Here it is in her own words. Continue reading »

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Oct 012017

Widening the reach of our compassionThere is such a need in the world today of the most tender and immense compassion and deeper, more unselfed caring and giving, and blessing is one simple and efficient way of doing it. It is also an amazing tool for learning instantaneous, unconditional forgiveness, a practice upon which, given our dramatic divisions in the world, our survival as a race literally depends.

Practiced with perseverance and total sincerity, it will enable you to reach that magical inner freedom from resentment the great American mystic of the last century, Joel Goldsmith, described when he wrote that no one could enter his consciousness who needed to be forgiven, because he had already forgiven them seventy times seven. And when I speak of blessing, I mean that spontaneous outflowing of compassion from the heart which surrounds one’s neighbor with the most caring tenderness, and not some liturgical or ecclesiastical practice. Continue reading »

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Sep 012017

related by Pierre Pradervand

A Sufi story on consecrationSucceeding in a spiritual quest demands at least four basic qualities: a strong motivation, total sincerity, a lucid and firm intention and, as in most other endeavors in life, great (and sometimes immense) perseverance, as the seeker will almost invariably encounter important trials (which are necessary to test us). Grit will be helpful in such moments!
Excerpt from 365 Blessings to Heal Myself and the World being published by John Hunt.

Total consecration, an absolute and firm intention which no worldly noises can distract, is indispensable for anyone wishing to attain significant results on the spiritual path. The latter is neither for amateurs nor dilettantes. The same applies to the practice of blessing where, as in all areas of life one of the universe’s fundamental laws is in effect: one reaps what one sows. Continue reading »

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Jul 012017

A Truly Friendly UniverseIt has been said that Albert Einstein once asked the question: “Is the universe friendly?” Although this quote may well be erroneously attributed to him, the question is possibly the most fundamental one any thinking person can ask.

Personally, not only do I believe we live in a very friendly – even exceptionally loving – universe, I believe this universe is moment by moment conspiring for our good. It is so incredibly restful to become aware of this and literally feel it in our bones.

Somehow, this conviction rests upon what one could call a primeval trust, a deep feeling born not of some logical reasoning but on what I believe are profound experiences from our very earliest childhood days that our surroundings and family were a safe place for us to be in. However; I also believe that someone who has not had such trustful experiences can reach this state of trust by constant work on themselves, be it of a spiritual or psychological nature. Continue reading »

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May 012017

Why we bless Pierre Pradervand“To bless is to acknowledge the omnipresent, universal beauty hidden to material eyes” (The Gentle Art of Blessing)

There are many reasons to bless. We bless to help heal society. We bless to get out of the shell or cave of our little egos and open up to the world. We bless as a wonderful way of practicing mindfulness and staying present to the present – anywhere. We bless because it is a highly efficient way of solving relationship problems and personal challenges Blessing isn’t associated with any religious denominations. Continue reading »

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Mar 012017

GratitudeCould it not be said that the first conscious realization in the area of personal development is the awareness that we create our own reality and even shape our bodies according to our expectations and thoughts – and this to a degree that is beyond imagination? In other words, all we see and hear, all we feel even, is never objective data and only has the reality we attribute to it.

At every moment in our life we have a choice between YES and NO, between complaint and gratitude. I would not hesitate to venture that gratitude is our main tool for remaining positive. It is impossible to feel at the same time authentic gratitude and the slightest little bit of negativity, of complaint.

The realization that we live in A Friendly Universe – to quote the title of the splendid, delightfully illustrated little book by Byron Katie (who is without a doubt) one of the world’s most outstanding figures in the field of personal development) – that awareness helps us to practice grateful living. For the universe desires our good beyond anything we could possibly dare to dream of; it is a universe where the Source is conspiring in every moment to bring us wellbeing, happiness, and to foster our progress towards horizons beyond our imagination. Therefore, how could we not feel deep gratitude for this strong assurance that allows us to rest in the assurance that all things, whatever they be, contribute to our good?

Then, why not adopt my favorite mantra: “Everything is a gift!” All the time, everywhere, 100%! Make it a strong affirmation as you face each situation or event, no matter how terrible it may first appear. Continue reading »

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Feb 012017

I’d like to share with you a few small rituals that I practice and that may really enrich your day and place it on solid ground from the get-go. Some can be used when you awake, others are reminders during the day, and additional ones can be practiced at bedtime.


Before I get up, I practice conscious breathing for 15-20 minutes lying in bed. This is a form of meditation inspired by Swami Prajnandad, one of the teachers of Arnaud Desjardins, a great French spiritual master who passed away a few years ago. The meditation is based on the power of YES, which some have described as THE most powerful word in the human language. As you inhale, you think: “yes to the new” and then on exhaling “Yes to the old which is leaving” (this is a way of welcoming positively EVERYTHING which will happen during the day).

Then, still lying down and totally awake, I say loudly: “What grand and glorious adventure is awaiting me today” and I repeat the Native American saying: “Give thanks for the hidden blessings which are already on their way to you.” Then I get up and, legs apart and arms in V shape, I state firmly and with conviction: “YES, THANK YOU for everything that will happen today.” This affirmation is based on the understanding than we live in an infinitely benevolent universe which desires our good beyond anything that we could possibly imagine. It is very important that these statements be made with utter conviction (and that for some may happen little by little). Continue reading »

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Jan 012017

There is a beautiful and very inspiring website,  which regularly sends deeply inspiring (and only inspiring) messages. You can subscribe to their newsletters from which I took the following message.

Gen. Wesley Clark Jr., middle, and other veterans kneel in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony – Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

It is a declaration that was recently made at Standing Rock, the place in North Dakota where Native American tribes and their supporters from the environmental movement won a major victory over an energy company that wanted to lay a pipeline which would have soiled some sacred lands of theirs. It was an unprecedented victory in the history of the Native American Nations and one that all those concerned with justice hope will be permanent. Continue reading »

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Dec 012016

I hold you gently in the quiet of my thought. The stillness tells me clearly that this crisis in your life, which most call a breakdown, is a listening time.

As you told me when we visited a few weeks ago, the pace of your life had become utterly hectic. You’ve become a great success — from the world’s point of view. The world had crowned you, and its praises were like sweet promises that you’d one day own that realm. Then you suddenly woke up one morning to find you had lost the keys to your own inner kingdom. Continue reading »

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